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Birth Books

  • Active Birth, Janet Balskas
  • The Positive Birth Book, Milli Hill
  • The Father’s Home Birth Handbook, Leah Hazard
  • Double Trouble, Twins and How to Survive Them, Emma Mahoney
  • Expecting Better, Emily Oster
  • Water Birth, Milli Hill
  • The VBAC Handbook, Churchill and Savage
  • Caesarean Birth: A Positive Approach to Preparation and Recovery, Leigh East
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Ina May Gaskin
  • Birthing From Within, Pam England
  • Labyrinth of Birth, Pam England
  • Why Doulas Matter, Maddie McMahon
  • Birth and Sex, Sheila Kitzinger

Antenatal Classes

Which? Birth Choice interactive tool for local birth options:

Foetal positioning

  • - your one-stop-shop for all information, positions and labour tricks relating to getting your baby in to the best position

The evidence base

  • NICE for best practice guidelines for all aspects of birth including induction.
  • RCM Better Births Campaign - including great illustrations of birth positions:
  • RCOG leaflets for women:
  • - lots of links to research on different options, not just homebirth
  • Induction:
  • Birth place in England study:

Getting support and feeling confident

  • Positive Birth Movement: meets locally near you for no-judgement chat about having a good birth
  • Tell Me A Good Birth Story: find a birth buddy


  • Ensure you use a Doula UK recognised or mentored doula.

Overcoming a traumatic birth or dealing with trauma

Breech birth Information

Disabled women

  •, innovative ideas to support deaf parents in birth
  • Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood & National Centre for Disabled Parents: 0800 018 4730,
  • Deaf Parenting UK:
  • Epilepsy Action UK:
  • Arthritis Research Campaign:
  • Ricability (consumer reports for disabled parents)

High BMI

Epidurals and spinal anaesthetics:

Multiple pregnancy

Preparing older children

  • 101 Things to do with a Baby, Jan Ormerod
  • My New Baby, Rachel Fuller
  • Hello Baby, Jenni Overhand
  • Our Water Baby, Maclean and Nesbitt
  • Amy and the Feeling Basket, Debbi K
  • The Monica Calaf series on pregnancy, breastfeeding, birth and a new baby (for children), published by Pinter and Martin