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Calming and Meditation Tools

  • Clementine (app)
  • Headspace (app),
  • Buddhify (app),
  • Quility (app),
  • Natal Hypnotherapy ‘Pregnancy Relaxation’ CD,
  • Pregnancy Journal and Coloring Book, Lisa Greenhut
  • Yes Mum To Be affirmation cards:

Your Mental Health


Guidelines and evidence:

  • Ultrasound scanning risks and benefits:

Eating and drinking

Physical health

Pregnancy books

  • Mums on Pregnancy, Longton, Roberts and Foster
  • Pregnancy: The Naked Truth, Anya Hayes


Online peer support

Your Rights

  • Birthrights, the human rights in childbirth charity, for support on your rights in pregnancy and birth, @birthrightsorg
  • Maternity Action: for support with your employment rights and a specialist advice service for migrant rights
  • AIMS,
  • Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter, Rebecca Schiller
  • Am I Allowed, Beverley Beech

Antenatal Results and Decisions

  • Antenatal Results and Choices
  • bpas
  • Down’s Syndrome Association

Books for your partner
Men Love and Birth, Mark Harris
The Expectant Dad's Handbook, Dean Beaumont,